Prayers (2018)

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2 minute extract of the full video

Prayers is a cinematic projection filmed comprising of two videos set side-by-side. Simultaneously they play, with both screens moving at their own pace yet universally displaying close-up shots after close-up shots of people’s hands in prayer. Through this, the ideology that both the religions of Christianity and Buddhism are essentially similar is explored. Visualising it through the simple yet similar act of prayer. In both Christianity and Buddhism, prayer is a way of healing, relieving negative emotions and inspiring positive ones; it is a relationship to God and an aspiration to change our bad behaviours and perception in order to become more open-minded. Hence showing that despite having outward differences on what they are, both religions, in the essence of what they represent, have inward similarities. 


In a time where the division in the world is ostensibly apparent, we should focus on unity and not segregation. It’s so natural how we antagonise and ‘other’ things, how we hate. Christianity says to love our neighbours, always reaching out, and Buddhism says to always be compassionate and to see the world differently…The teachings of these religions are what is important, their essence is what unites us. Thus, though there is much difference in the world, there are also equally as many similarities, and that is the aspect we should be putting more effort into.